Currenty Filming Noteworthy


2014 IN - PRODUCTION Utero – Feature Film “Al” The Pete Holmes Show – “Guard” Dead Cruelty – Feature Film “Hank” The Madness Within – Feature Film “Biggs” Baker’s Man – Feature Film “Fred” Straight Outta Compton – Feature Film “Laylaw” Lowe’s Commercial “How to Build Your Fence While Riding a Motorcycle” Parenthood – “Jim” CONAN sketches – “Buzzfeed’s Running Out of Lists” - Blind Guy “Trump Plaza is Closing” - Guard “Introducing the Big Spender Magic Pen” - Guard “Aziz Ansari’s Saris Make a Great Gift” - Guard “Rob Ford Has Escaped From Rehab” - Park Ranger “Handy Andy Richter’s Tips for the Summer” - Dad

2013 - PRODUCTIONS Shooting The Road Home feature film – supporting/Sprints Shooting It’s Good to Be a Gangster feature film – supporting/Jacob’s Father Shooting Love Touch Hate feature film – supporting/Sticks Shooting Kickballers feature film – supporting/Groundskeeper Troy Shooting 3..2..1 feature film – supporting/TBA Shooting Unsung Heroes feature film – supporting/TBA

OCTOBER 2013 Shooting MIXOLOGY – co-star/Doorman Shooting HARD DRIVE short film – supporting/Thomas

SEPTEMBER 2013 Shooting THE CRAZY ONES – co-star/Firefighter Shooting MOMS webseries – recurring/Carl Shooting AREA 51 webseries – recurring/Mr. Capella

JULY 2013 Shooting Top Flight Security webseries – recurring/Timmy Shooting CONAN – “Undercover Warden”


JUNE 2013 Shooting CONAN – “ADT Toilet Security” Shooting CONAN – “Andy Richter Reports”

MAY 2013 Shooting Mera Jivan “My Life” feature film – supporting/Brother Jamal Shooting CONAN – “Tig Notaro Wants Her Headshot Everywhere”


APRIL 2013 Shooting The Flag short film – supporting/Dean Roberts Shooting MOMS webseries – supporting/Carl Shooting Coyote Boogaloo pilot – supporting/Phil


MARCH 2013 Shooting Slime and Grime short film – supporting/Jon Jr. Shooting Love Touch Hate feature film – supporting/Sticks

FEBRUARY 2013 Shooting Fason Nou feature film – supporting/Jon Jr. Shooting Stephen King’s The Boogeyman short film – supporting/District Attorney Daryl McCoy


JANUARY 2013 Still shots for Hoodbruthas Continued shooting The Hidden Toll short film – lead/Eric Shooting CONAN 1/17 "Kim and Kanye Unborn Baby" & 1/24 "Untitled Skit" Shooting His & Hers webseries – co-star/Enemy Fan



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