“IT” is a term used in show business to describe true talent and/or pizzazz. Simply stated – J Kristopher has “IT”. From award winning feature films, primetime television and recurring late night comedy sketches with Conan O'Brien, Kristopher is on a buzzworthy path to ultimate success.

It all began in Houston, TX at the age of 6 when Kristopher wrote a note to his elementary teacher officially declaring that he would be an actor when he grew up. Soon afterwards, he had the pleasure of meeting Denzel Washington following a performance in the off Broadway show, Checkmates. This experience inspired him to make his dreams become reality by acting in theatre. That dedication, some strict parenting, and a hard knocks upbringing resulted in an unbreakable work ethic that was soon complimented by his natural presence and amiable personality. Kristopher intuitively had a talent for portraying versatile characters and developed a reputation for learning pages of lines despite last minute script changes. After achieving local success with leading roles in numerous theatre productions and commercials, he left for Hollywood to further his dreams.

Since his arrival in 2006, J Kristopher has graced the screen of over 15 TV shows including Parenthood, The Crazy Ones, 90210 and the long time running soap Days of Our Lives. He's appeared in feature films Seven Pounds, Janky Promoters and the upcoming N.W.A film Straight Outta Compton as Laylaw. He's worked in music videos alongside Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. He has also appeared in over 10 national commercials including Lowe's, Dancing with the Stars, Trivial Pursuit, GMC, Georgia Power, Nickelodeon, Mastercard, Brighthouse, VH1, FOX Sports and a Valentine's Day/Superbowl print campaign for Target. Not content with only endeavors in TV and film, Kristopher decided to take advantage of the growing market for New Media and has either guest starred or had a recurring role in over 20 webseries. His Blackbox TV delivery prank video became viral after the first week with over 1 million views and has been the featured video on internet giants and Worldstarhiphop.

J Kristopher is indeed headed on a successful path that has no end in sight and is poised to make an unforgettable mark on the entertainment industry and on the next 6 year old actor-to-be.

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